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Guaranteed Rent


Renting your property out is a difficult job, you have a mortgage to pay, bills to pay on the property, tax to pay and the dreaded maintenance costs too.  It is a fine line between success and failure and if your tenants’ circumstances change and the rent stops you have to dib into your hard-earned money to subsidize the property.

Kembles Estates actively manage our tenancies minimizing this risk to our landlords, but the risk still exists.  As a landlord you have to weigh up the options and minimize risk as much as possible, using a proactive agency like Kembles Estates is a good start.


Sometimes, despite the most thorough vetting a tenant’s circumstances change.  In the current financial climate people are being made redundant, losing their jobs and they are no longer able to afford the rent.  Despite our very best efforts this does happen and no end of chasing by us can ensure the rent is going to come through regularly to your bank account.  This is where rent guarantee insurance comes through for you.


All our tenants are full employed and referenced to a very high standard through the “Vouch” referencing platform.  Because we put so much into their referencing we are able to offer rent guarantee insurance where you get 100% of the rent 12 months of the year.  We do not take policies where you lose the first month of the claims payment in an excess.  We only offer nil excess, vacant possession policies.


What does this mean to you, the landlord?

This means that as soon as a tenant falls into arrears we inform the insurance company, they then take over chasing the tenant for the rent whilst making 100% of the rental payments through us to you so you still get your monthly payment, less our commission of course.  They will see the tenant through to normality once they are working or evict them giving you back vacant possession.  That is what you call peace of mind.

Some companies charge 15% plus vat of your gross rent or have some high faluted equation where essentially the letting agent becomes your tenant and you get just enough money to pay your mortgage but as you would expect that is not the way Kembles Estates do things.


13% plus VAT of the monthly rent

For your peace of mind.


Contact us on 01302 954495 for full details.